Matseleng’s Story

Matseleng Mfuphi was our top twenty draw winner in the last leg of the education competition. She won R10 000 towards her grandchild Omphile’s education fund.  She is from Johannesburg where she lives with her two children and one grandchild. Her firstborn Katlego is 23 years old and recently graduated; while her second child, Thapelo is a first-year student studying Logistics. Her grandchild Omphile is six months old. 

A legal secretary by profession, Matseleng says that the biggest challenge she has faced as a parent is being there for her children and helping them become emotionally intelligent people. She says trying to be fair to both can be the biggest challenge.

“Being emotionally there for your kids but still helping them to be emotionally intelligent people, which helps them to be not de-attached. One of the hardest things is being a good parent to both my kids, I am raising a boy and a girl, and the girl feels like I am much nicer to the boy and stricter to the girl, it is really confusing.”

Matseleng wishes for her children to be successful and to take advantage of the opportunities that they have been afforded.

“I wish them success, I never had those opportunities that they have now, and I wish they grab each and every opportunity that they get and use it wisely, wish them all the great things in life, we all make mistakes, that they learn from their mistakes and move on stronger from their mistakes.”

According to Matseleng; the best part of being a parent is seeing your children becoming successful.

“The reward you get, seeing your kids being successful is best thing a parent could ever experience, seeing your child doing well for themselves, knowing that there is a mini you out there.”

We wish Matseleng all the best in her journey as a new grandmother. We can be certain that Omphile’s future is in great hands.