We’re all trying to be the healthiest version of ourselves, but it’s difficult. We’ve found 5 helpful tips that will get you on the right path.

Be more active and exercise

This seems obvious and maybe quite cliché but if you’re seeing it in all the health articles and shows it’s because it works. You don’t need to run the two oceans marathon tomorrow, but you could jog for 20 mins everyday and dramatically reduce your chances of acquiring heart disease, diabetes and cancer. For women, in particular; research from Harvard has found that they are more likely to develop stress induced illnesses which can manifest physically in the form of migraines; constant colds and flu, aching muscles and insomnia. Therefore; an hour of weight training and/or jogging a few times a week could prove to be the difference in your health.

Talk to someone

Millennials are a highly stressed generation and we are seeing more and more people suffering from chronic stress, burn out, anxiety and depression. These are all normal because the brain, just like your body needs to be taken care off. When it is under a lot of strain, this not only affects you on a social level, but it also manifests physically. Regular exercise does help but seeing a trained professional like a counsellor or a psychologist will also prove beneficial. Everyone needs a non-judgemental listening ear and there is no shame in seeking that kind of help.

Get regular check ups

Regular health screenings not only give you peace of mind, but they also ensure that should you be at risk of a major disease like cancer, high cholesterol or blood pressure; there will be early detection.  This will result in a higher likelihood of getting treated.


Are you sleeping enough?

We lead busy lives and its understandably easy to swap sleep for caffeine. However, that’s bad news because without enough rest your body will shut down, literally. Another medical cliché you’ve heard repeatedly is; “Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.” Well; you hear it all the time because it works, rest is the best and healthiest source of energy.

Maybe consider quitting?

This goes for smoking, lowering your sugar or alcohol intake. We all have an Achille’s heel; smoking, alcohol, sugar, carbs you name it. If you know its not that good for you then you should either quit or at least consider lowering your intake. Anything in excess isn’t good for you, especially if it’ll have a negative impact on your health.