Spoil Your Mom Without Breaking The Bank

Mother’s Day is only a few days away and it’s perfectly normal to be unprepared for it because of the fast-paced life we live these days. Thinking of what to get your mother is hard enough without having to worry about the budget.

1.Be thoughtful!

Whether it’s a special piece of jewellery she’s had her eye on or her favourite snacks, a thoughtful gift reminds your mom of how well you know her and that you’re thinking of her. What does your mom love? Be creative.

2. Relieve her of her duties

If you haven’t got a lot money to spare or you’re not sure what to get her, making sure your mom is relaxed on the day may be the best way to go.  Make her breakfast in the morning with all her favourite food. Make sure everything she usually does, whether it’s cleaning, or cooking is already done by the time she is up. End the day off with her favourite meal coupled with her favourite desert. Making her feel special even just for a day is sometimes the best gift you can give her.

3. Create and dedicate a video for her

Most of the love we feel for our mothers is attached the memories we have of them. Gather your siblings and her friends and compile a video showing all the special moments you have shared with her over the years. A great way to end it off will be to film messages dedicated to her from everyone in her life. All you need for this gift is to be a bit tech savvy and she’ll treasure it forever!

4.Take her on a picnic

South Africa has many beautiful and scenic places you could take your mom for a picnic. These range from your local park to botanical gardens. Fill up a picnic basket with all your mom’s favourite snacks and treat her to a day in the outdoors. Don’t forget to take pictures because if you don’t, did it really happen?

5.Good old flowers

Sometimes less is more and you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and a card! Every woman has soft spot for this gesture and what’s more it’ll brighten up her home for days to come. Pairing it with a card where you’ve written all the reasons why you love her, is the cherry on top!