Everything changes…

Everything changes when you have children. In a sense, a whole new version of life begins.

In this version, you’re no longer the centre of attention; you’re the support crew. Nappy changes, feeds and soothing lullabies are all just a cry away… and your beauty sleep is a thing of the past.

Get used to it, mom and dad, because your kids are the new stars of the show and, even by star standards, they’re pretty high maintenance.

Things don’t always go to plan

Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls. As if it wasn’t hard enough already. The reality is, today might be your last day and the things you take for granted, like going for a run or watching the sunset, may not be possible tomorrow.

Sometimes the easiest way to deal with these stark realities is to bury our heads in the sand. Catastrophe might happen to others, but it certainly won’t happen to us, right?

Sadly, every day there are thousands of children across the world who lose their parents, while thousands of parents lose their ability to look after their children due to disability or severe illness. As much as you wish it, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be there for your children.

Why life cover is critical when you have children

When you have children, you become a provider – it’s as simple as that. But it’s so much more than just providing the necessities. It’s birthday parties, toys, holidays, play dates, picnics and all other wonderful childhood memories – you become responsible for everything.

If anything should happen to you, the life you wish for your children may fall in jeopardy.

Life insurance offers a simple, affordable solution. It provides a pay-out to support your family should you die, become disabled or suffer from a severe illness. It can cover everything from groceries and shelter, to education and medical aid.

Okay, I understand I need it, but where do I begin?

Purchasing life cover can be daunting. How much do you need; what are you covered for; and how do you know if you’re getting the best deal possible?

Luckily, CompariSure is here to assist. We’ll help you decide exactly how much cover you need and source quotes from the most trusted and established life insurers in South Africa. And if you get stuck, one of our friendly advisers are just a phone call away and will be happy to assist.

The best deal on life insurance is just a click away.

Jonathan Elcock,
Father of Oliver & Thomas Elcock
Founder of CompariSure