Our top 20 draw winner is the lovely Angelique Martins Kotze; who won her and her family R10 000.  She currently lives in Pretoria with her husband and two children. Her oldest child, Neve is five years old and currently in grade R while her youngest Willow is 2 years old. A photographer and designer by profession; Angelique says that the biggest challenge she faces is finding time together as a family in such a busy day and age.

‘Also, providing the best possible future for your little ones so that they can become the individuals God ordained them to be.’

Her one wish is for her children to grow in the grace and knowledge of God in becoming who he has planned for them to be in furthering His Kingdom.

“I want them to be kind, fearless, bold and compassionate ladies, full of grace that fully step into their purpose, changing lives for Jesus. My girls have big dreams, and I want them to live them fully. With that we want to equip them to their fullest potential to His glory.’

Angelique’s says that there is no one best thing about being a parent because there are so many.

“Our girls have enriched our lives in every way. They have brought countless smiles, adventures, love, messes, billions of sloppy kisses and tight squeezes, dirty little foot prints around the house and on the duvets and very little sleep. And all of it is absolutely glorious! The messier, the happier. The tremendous growth that they have caused in both my husband and I as individuals is evident. As a parent, you strive to be the best possible version of yourself by God’s grace and by the help of Holy Spirit as they are such precious rewards from the Lord.”

We wish Angelique and her family all the best; we hope they enjoy their prize money!